Read the Dead Sea Scrolls courtesy of Google

Every so often Google launches one of those “gee whiz” features and this is one of them. Maybe you’ll be the one to uncover the next theoConspiracy?


Facebook is eating the web and perhaps your company

This is an amazing chart that confirms what we’re all experiencing: people are spending more time on Facebook than any other single website. This has massive implicatio

ns not just for Google, but for any marketer.

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That too is a good question. w…

That too is a good question. why NOT use more styrofoam? there is always a tradeoff. never a free lunch. good to explore that @civilbeat

saying that it’s an improperly…

saying that it’s an improperly worded question based on the “change” goal @civilbeat e.g, “How can we reduce styrofoam?” imo better

Why do we use so LITTLE styrof…

Why do we use so LITTLE styrofoam? RT @CivilBeat So – Why Do We Use So Much Styrofoam In Hawaii? #becivil

anybody affected by an east hn…

anybody affected by an east hnl power outage?

Check out today’s interactive …

Check out today’s interactive google doodle honoring Jim Henson’s muppets!

Did you get fooled by the iphone 5 hoax?

Summary: If you get an email about something that’s too good to be true, always Google it with the word “hoax” appended. You’ll be amazed to find out that Elvis has indeed passed away and aliens have not in fact invaded the president’s brain.

Today I got an email from a family member asking me about whether she should buy the iphone 5. I asked her why and she loved the idea of the “holographic keyboard”. Huh? Suddenly I thought perhaps I was getting out-geeked by family members learning about new features before I did. Say it isn’t so! Apple is usually very secretive about future iPhone Pheatures and other than guessing what’s next by analyzing Chinese case manufacturer designs, we’re pretty much in the dark until the very end.

Quick searches (“iphone 5 hoax”) landed me to this now-famous (21 million views!) YouTube which shows an incredibly impressive demonstration of the (now watch the wording here) “iPhone 5 Concept Features”.

Yes, it’s a hoax. Sorta. It’s actually a brilliant marketing play by Aatma Studios on a “concept” with “our vision of key features” that an iPhone 5 or “subsequent models” could have

In other words, this is vaporware. Doesn’t exist. My recommendation is that you wait until after the formal launch to decide if iPHone5 is right for you.


I am speechless after seeing the concept video of the iPhone 5 that is set to be released later this year. It is an ultra thin design, has a laser keyboard and has holographic display. Just Wow!

Just me or is @starbucks becom…

Just me or is @starbucks becoming the choice for bums on the street to suck up resources and chase out good customers?

Cloud Computing is not just a tech trend. It’s a lifestyle movement.

I was honored by mention in a Hawaii Business article on cloud computing and am especially happy about what I was quoted on:

What cloud computing represents to me, finally, is more of a movement, the ability of people to be free to work wherever, whenever and however they wish, using whatever device they want. It’s a tremendously liberating thing.

There’s a lot more to expand on and I took this opportunity to do so.

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