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Integrated Technology, Marketing, and Management

Developing technology to improve business performance for over two decades

  • Collaborate

    and mutually understand the opportunity of the new technology.

  • Develop

    a shared vision of the end result positively impacting your business.

  • Execute

    a plan that delivers and continually improves.

Peter has been a long-time trusted advisor to me and Bank of Hawaii. From our earliest days of working together in the mid-90s, Peter has always brought amazing insight to our business and how to best leverage technology to our advantage. Some of our earliest projects together led to the development of a SharePoint-like product well before Microsoft came out with their version. We also co-created and launched the first joint ecommerce site in Hawaii which was a partnership between BOH, Oceanic Cable, and Liberty House (which was bought by Macy’s). We also launched one of the first Internet Banking services in Hawaii. Throughout each of these projects, Peter always brought tremendous enthusiasm and business acumen. He has demonstrated significant leadership for the IT community in Hawaii over the years and we are all better off because of his influence and passion

The Original Marketing Technologists – since ’94

We built the first commercial Website in Hawaii and have been innovating ever since.

  • Longest radio promotion

    in Hawaii’s history: “Your Computer Minute”

  • Marketing and Analytics

    We make it rain and measure the rainfall

  • All the top platforms

    YouTube, Facebook, Google

An exemplary professional who always under promises & over-delivers. Peter is a brilliant executive and an asset to any organization he touches and a steward to public communications whether in global media or person-to-person. A truly charismatic personality and a pleasure to be around both professionally and personally.

With the management skills to implement change

  • Executive Support

    Establish the ROI to management

  • Operational buy-in

    Explain the “Why” to the implementers

  • Follow up and follow through

    Monitor and coach until it’s delivered

It’s been great working with Peter through out the years. Initially it was with his web hosting services at Cybercom and then his consulting services for Road Runner High Speed On-Line. Peter is an excellent communicator and has helped extoll the virtues of Broadband. I enjoy working with Peter and brainstorming new ideas with him.

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