SALYNC™ – The Salesforce Data Sync Solution


Overview: synchronize your data with Salesforce

One of the most important factors of a successful CRM implementation is data integration from multiple sources into a single customer-centric view. The less redundant data your users have to enter, the more productive they will be and the higher the chance your CRM system will deliver on its ROI promise.


That’s why we developed SALYNC™.  Now you can easily synchronize data between your existing systems and Salesforce in a secure, reliable, and productive manner.  SALYNC lets you take the priceless customer data that’s locked away in databases that few have access to and makes it available to your CRM users.  You’re sitting on a Goldmine of data. SALYNC helps you mine it.

Our story about synchronizing point of sale systems with Salesforce

Our first customer back in 2011 had a retail point-of-sale (POS) environment with decades of customer data but no easy way to analyze and act on it. They wanted CRM functionality but had no easy easy way to connect their point-of-sale system to Salesforce.


Sure, we could have done an old-school export/import, but that would only have been a one-time event. At best, they would have export their POS data and import to Salesforce and at the time, it would be a manual process. Worse yet was the fact that any customer profile changes on Salesforce would not go back to the POS system because it did not have an easy import/update process.


In short, the typical import/export approach would have been a hot mess.


So we came in and fixed it.

Solution: SALYNC™ the two-way synchronization with Salesforce and Counterpoint Point of Sale

Working with our partners at POS Highway, we installed our SALYNC™ solution and the result was two-way data integration between Salesforce and NCR Counterpoint. Salespeople now have access to detailed customer profile data including purchase and repair history. Their data which was previously buried deep within a POS system is now accessible via modern cloud-based intuitive web interfaces.  


And because SALYNC connected them to Salesforce, they can use all of Saleforce’s power such as performance dashboards, automated processes, and a powerful report builder.

Sales floor transformation

SALYNC’s two-way data integration between Salesforce and Counterpoint really transformed the environment by making the two act as one.  When a customer record is created in Salesforce, a “clone” of that data is created in Counterpoint within minutes and the same vice-versa. Make a change to an existing customer record in Salesforce and the change appears in Counterpoint within minutes and the same vice-versa.


Purchase and special order data is updated nightly.  So for example of a customer makes a purchase on Monday, Salesforce can set up automated follow-up tasks on Tuesday morning.


We’ve repeated this success story many times since then

CyberCom was founded in 1994 and since our 2011 first deployment of SALYNC™, we’ve installed our solution in other environments beyond POS including Salesforce data integration with Shopify ecommerce, legacy AS/400 systems, and even more basic CSV files via FTP.  


So chances are if you use some kind of accepted standard, we can get your data up into Salesforce and make it come alive.   Automatically. Without you having to do anything more.

Now it’s your turn. Contact us and let’s get started

Contact us now and let’s geek out about what you’re doing now and how we can help!

SALYNC™ Features:

  • Set and forget operation
    • After it’s installed and configured SALYNC keeps data on your systems updated and you don’t have to do anything else.
  • Cloud-based sync of your Salesforce data
    • No hardware and nearly no software is required.
  • Connect to/from any kind of data
    • CSV files via FTP
    • Old legacy databases
    • Modern SQL Server environments
  • Two-way synchronization capable
    • Update salesforce and SALYNC updates your database
    • Update your database and SALYNC updates Salesforce
  • Scheduled data transfers can happen as quick as every 15 minutes
  • Rock solid, high availability.
  • Secure connection
  • Customized to fit your particular needs
  • Running flawlessly since 2011
    • Retail, Industrial, Clerical business fields
  • Resilient, redundant design
    • Either side can go down for several days and will recover after reconnecting