IP Licensing Conference in Hawaii

Interested in learning more about successful IP models?

Attend the 2nd Annual Hawaii Intellectual Property Licensing Conference

  • Co-sponsors: High Technology Development Corp., and Intellectual Property & Technology Section of HSBA
  • Date: Friday, October 20, 2006, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
  • Place: Ala Moana Hotel, Hibiscus Ballroom, 2nd Floor
  • Online registration at: www.iplicensingconference.com
  • Contact: Patty Low, (808) 947-3101 or promotions@pacificnews.net

This year’s IPL Conference, “Turning New Technologies & Creative Ideas Into Profits”, will focus on practical business models, marketing methods, and licensing resources to assist Hawaii entrepreneurs, business professionals, and investors with selling or licensing technology inventions and creative ideas successfully. Visiting guest speakers include Richard C. Levy, a marketing tour de force who has licensed some 125 inventions generating over a billion dollars in revenues, and Henk B. Rogers, President and CEO of Blue Planet Software, Inc., who has made a huge success with IP licensing in Hawaii.

Hat Tip to Leighton Chong for driving this conference. Yours truly will also be speaking there.

Building a Winning Business Plan

Mahalo Nui to Monte Littlefield of Pipeline Communications and Technology for putting together this presentation on Building a Winning Business Plan.

It’s short, simple, to the point, and most importantly, is the result of Monte’s own personal experience in raising Angel funding for his fledgling company. He worked his relationships with Hawaii’s VC community for over a year and has proven himself to be a coachable CEO that listens to the right people at the right time.

Monte, we’re all cheering for you man. Go baby!

Tech Entrepreneuring – the ultimate reality program

Here’s a presentation I made thanks to www.htdc.org folks. Mahalo Nui to Sandy Park, Laurie Akau, and everyone else over there for their hard work in putting this together.

Good fun!

What I talk about in this 1.5 hr presentation is:

– How to ride a tech trend up, down, and out with class.
– What VC’s look for
– A slightly different model for starting up companies with far less capital yet with similar gains.

– a small dose of a spiritual perspective on success

Let me know what you think!

UH Angels Presentations

If you’re going to be making a presentation to Hawaii’s UH Angels, here’s two documents you should review and use to help you prepare:

Presenter Guidelines gives a collection of bullets of topics that you should plan on including with your presentations.

Term Sheet Summary is 3 slides that detail the “deal” e.g. terms of the funds you’re raising. The info on these slides should be included w/ any presentation made to UH Angels too.

In addition, you should check out their “For Presenters” page for additional resources.

HVCA Presentation

I had the great honor of presenting to the Hawaii Venture Capital Association last week Thursday. I was so focused on the event that I forgot to bring my recording equipment so I don’t have the event live, but I do have a printout of the slide presentation.

There were serveral very cool moments in that presentation, one of my favorites was from local VC Jeff Au of PacificCap Group, LLC who essentially agreed that Hawaii companies are best suited to small, quick wins. Thanks Jeff!

Presentation at University of Phoenix

I recorded a screen video/audio of the presentation and it came out really good, EXCEPT between 2:24 and 12:12. When you get to 2:24 and hear silence, just FF to 12:12 and you’re golden.

It’s a WMV (Windows media) file. Mac users: sorry but you only get audio out of this.

Click here to play the presentation.

There’s one important typo you should know and that is on one slide I give my email address as a .org but it’s really a .com. The proper email address is shown at the top of each slide.

HUGE mahalos go out to:

  • Steve Schoen for his continually gracious hosting of things like this.
  • Tad, Rich, and Phil, my old CyberCom buddies, who came out to see what their old colleague was doing.
  • Russ, Ray, Lubuw, Milan, and the others that came at my invitation.
    and finally,
  • Leighton Chong, my patent attorney, who co-presented at this event and who’s great idea of IP licensing I have shamelessly copied and am running with as fast as I can.

Mahalo Nui Everyone!

Slides to University of Phoenix Presentation

Here’s a link to the PDF file of the slides I presented at the University of Phoenix.