I just took a trip down memory lane of arcade gameplay in the ’70s

This is for all arcade game addicts from the ’70s. And for you youngin’s that grew up in the Xbox years, you’ll get a kick out of what was “State of the Art” 30+ years ago

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Google inching into social network space with “People Widget”

From one view, this looks like a nice feature that shows people relevant to the email you’re processing within Gmail. I think it’s Google’s latest attempt to put the camel’s nose in the social media tent. Google absolutely must stop the Facebook freight train because as soon as Facebook starts offering search, it will be the beginning of the end of Google


Your Google Phone is now your wallet too and that’s only the start

The next generation of Android phones will come equipped with NFC (Near Field Communications) hardware which allows encrypted wireless transmission of your credit card data. Instead of swiping your credit card through a reader, you’ll just tap approval to your phone. Google is going to make a fortune just from the licensing and processing fees alone. But they won’t stop there. This is also the basis of an astoundingly broad loyalty program. Google Wallet will not only store your credit card, but it will also store whatever membership card the store has. So say bye-bye to your starbucks card, your Safeway card, and hopefully my library card. The Google tentacles are spreading and I must say I’m loving it.

Mac malware woes not over yet. New Superbug released.

My Mac friends *used* to boast that their Macs never got viruses to which I used to smugly respond, “That’s because there’s so few Macs, no one cares”. But it’s different now as Macs are the new hip cool in thing. Along with popularity comes virus targeting and I assure you this is just the beginning. Welcome to the world of popular computing platforms Mac peeps!

Yesterday, 25 days after the Mac Defender malware began to appear in the wild, Apple finally responded. In a technical support note, “How to avoid or remove Mac Defender malware,” the company posted instructions for users to follow if they’ve encountered this malware specimen in the wild. It also promised a security update to remove infections automatically.

File that memo under, “Too little, too late.”

Google adds easier Check-in and Ratings to Maps. Foursquare can’t be sleeping easy.

Google really is the new Microsoft. It used to in the ’90s that every good startup idea got squashed or bought by Microsoft. Now it’s Google’s turn to stomp any potential threats. Foursquare’s check-in concept is quickly being replaced by Google Maps check-in and you can bet this is not the end of it.

Remember: Google the is the Microsoft. Microsoft is the new IBM. And Apple is the new Sony.

Tmobile 4G going to 42mbps, HNL too!

I SO love competition! While I’m going to stick to my current contract with Sprint, it looks like I’ll have two other high speed 4G carriers to consider next year: Verizon’s LTE (22mbps) and Tmobile’s HSPA+ (apparently 42mbps). I can’t wait to try them out! Truly amazing how speeds can increase so dramatically in such a short time. Only last year June, I bought the world’s first 4G phone which was about 4-5 times faster than 3G networks (about 4-5mbps vs. the 1mbps). One year later we’ve got networks almost 10 times faster than my 4G. Got to love technology!


Android security hole getting patched

Nice job of Google patching up a security hole. Previously, you were exposed to a security hole if you were connecting over an open, unsecured wifi network.


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Your Android Phone is probably hackable. Uh oh

I’ve got a Sprint EVO 4G phone myself so this article is of particular interest. I’ve not gone into the details but I will, and I suggest you do too! It seems that there’s a good chance of a security risk if you’re connected to a public, unsecured wifi network. So until this gets fixed, Just Say No to free unsecured wifi and continue using your 3G/4G network for connectivity.

The vast majority of devices running Google’s Android operating system are vulnerable to attacks that allow adversaries to steal the digital credentials used to access calendars, contacts, and other sensitive data stored on the search giant’s servers, university researchers have warned.