Is podcasting a business?

I have a personal interest in podcasting and so Podshow’s recent $15M B-round definitely raised my eyebrows. Assuming that purchase was for 20% of the company, that’s pegging their valuation at about $75M. That implies that they think they will be worth $750M in 5 years. (These assumptions are just taking basic VC rules of thumb like a 10x return in 5 years and never sell more than 20% of the company at any given round).

Assuming that DAG Ventures is not stupid, this seems to indicate that Podshow may in fact be on to something. It must also mean that advertisers are happy with their podcast advertising ROI.

I always wondered how well a podcast audience responds to the right kind of advertising. This seems to indicate that people aren’t hitting the fast forward button (as I do).

Defrag your Hard Drive

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When was the last time you defragged your hard drive? If your computer is more than a year or so old, chances are your files are heavily fragmented all over the drive, which typically results in poor performance.

The defragmentation process reviews your hard drive and determines if it needs to be reorganized (defragged). There is a simple utility called “Disk Defragmenter” in your accessories, system tools folder (Windows only) that you should run about 1x per year that will keep your hard drive well organized and giving you the best possible performance.

It’s easy to do and pretty safe, though this might be a good time to make sure you’ve got a good backup.