Now you can recall that bad tweet, sort of.

You typed in your tweet, hit the send button, and immediately has the “oh Sh*t” moment when you realized it was malformed, whether it’s a typo, bad link, or worse, something you wish you didn’t say.

Tweetdeck is going to give you a second chance on this now by confirming you actually want to send the Tweet you’re about to send.  While it’s not quite the “count to 10” rule, at least you can think/review/contemplate before you commit your public statement.

TweetDeck added a safety net today, giving users the option to require a confirmation step before sending a tweet.

Source: TweetDeck Adds Tweet Confirmation To Help Prevent Social Media Misfires

xlnt point! RT @bubs: Happy to…

xlnt point! RT @bubs: Happy to see some Hawaii accelerators offering prizes at #SWHNL …disappointed none were offering $

I’m following you remotely #sw…

I’m following you remotely #swhnl so keep the tweets and photos coming!

why that over iphone5? (I agre…

why that over iphone5? (I agree w/ you btw but curious) RT @MarkChing: Just upgraded to the galaxy 3 🙂