Better update your WordPress asap

Looks like another big security hole has been discovered:

Millions of websites running WordPress are at risk of hijacking attacks thanks to a vulnerability that is actively being exploited in the wild and is present in the default installation of the widely used content management system, security researchers warned Wednesday.

Source: Actively exploited WordPress bug puts millions of sites at risk | Ars Technica

If you care about LTE/4G use, iPhone 5 isn’t it

You can get simultaneous voice and LTE on Verizon with Android phones such as the Samsung Galaxy SIII pictured here. We’ve highlighted the fact that we’re on the phone plus the LTE icon is illuminated.

I admit that I might be only talking to small subset of the total iPhone 5 audience, but I have a photo here that shows why, if you care about LTE speeds and usability, the iPhone 5 is not for you. I say this with a heavy heart because I was waiting for this phone to come out and was prepared to seriously consider buying one.  But because it has been extensively reported that the iPhone 5 cannot do simultaneous voice + LTE,  it is a deal-breaker for me.

The picture here is one of my friend’s phone where today we ran a simple experiment:


1. I called him and he picked up the phone.

2. He went to browse the web.

3. The 4G-LTE icon was lit.

4. Browsing was as fast as it normally is, i.e. LTE speeds.


From what has been reported so far, this seemingly simple feat cannot be done by the “latest greatest” phone, the iPhone 5.


There are other reports that AT&T can do simultaneous voice and data but only at 3G speeds. From everything I have found so far, you cannot do voice+LTE speeds on iPhone 5.


Deal killer for me.


Some of my friends say it doesn’t matter, others say they are fine with 3G ATT speeds. That may be true.  But keep in mind, this is what you WILL NOT be able to do while you’re on the phone:

  • Check for new email, i.e. send files back and forth.
  • Browse the web.
  • Keep your wifi hotspot working.


For me, the last one is a particular killer.  I spend a lot of time on the phone and online at the same time, many times using a hotspot to get online.  I simply must be able to do this.


So perhaps this lack is not an issue for you and you can’t wait to get your iPhone 5.  I share your excitement;  have fun!


But for those who must have voice+high speed data from their phone, the iPhone 5 isn’t it.  Either wait for the next iPhone or get yourself an Android now.  However even then, make sure you confirm in advance that you can do voice+LTE at the same time.


Did this post change your mind? Why? Why not?

iPhone 5 won’t do data while talking

Though I was leaning to NOT get the iPhone 5 (just not enough coolness over the Android competitors like Galaxy S3 for example) this is definitely a deal-killer for me:

On providers like Verizon or Sprint, iPhone 5 will NOT transfer data while you’re on the phone.  (aka simultaneous voice and data).

iphone 5 can't do voice+data

Put a fork in it.  It’s done. For me.

I’ve had a Sprint EVO 4G (yes, the original one) for 3 years now and even that phone, ancient by today’s standards, can do voice+data (admittedly that only works on 4G data but still, it works).

So, sorry Apple.  I’m looking for an UPGRADE, not a DOWNGRADE.  Android here I come!


iPhone 5 won’t support simultaneous voice and data on Verizon or Sprint | The Verge.

Details of the iPhone 5

 I’m going to take a look at one of these in the store and then wait a few weeks to see what the Android world comes out with.

  • 4 inch display (taller)
  • 1136×640 pixels (more stuff shows on screen, notice 5 rows of icons vs. just 4)
  • 4G LTE  (way, way faster speeds)
  • 18% thinner (7.6mm)
  • 20% lighter (112 grams)
  • 2x faster CPU and 2x faster graphics
  • battery life unchanged (8 hrs browsing)
  • HD front-facing facetime camera
  • facetime can work over 3G
  • 3 noise-cancelling microphones

Apple Introduces the iPhone 5


Apple Introduces the iPhone 5.