Send & receive big files with Dropbox


Next time you need to share files that are too big to send as attachments, try using  It’s free for the first 2GB and makes it really easy to share pictures, music, or any other large files. It works on Mac, PC, and iPads too.  Try it right now!

How to find the Time Zone of any city


What time is it in Vegas right now? Just Google for “Las Vegas Time”.  What time zone is Chicago in? Google “Chicago time zone”.  Next time just Google the name of any city followed by the word “Time” and or “Zone”.  Try it right now!

Google Launches Nexus Trio today

Today Google launched the Nexus 10 inch tablet, the Nexus 4 Phone, and and updated Nexus 7 tablet.

The 3 Nexus Devices

I was personally waiting for the Nexus 4 phone but right off the bat its lack of LTE speed is an immediate deal-killer for me and that’s a bummer because it looks like a nice phone.

The tablets are interesting though I’m not sure they are competitive with Apple’s iPads at “only” $100 less. Why would someone not spend the extra money on an iPad and get the most popular device with the most apps?

However, if you love Google (like I do) and not so enthused about Apple (while I do buy Apple hardware I run Google software on it), these are worth a closer look.

I do wish, though, that there was a Google Store I could go to and get hands-on with these devices.

Nexus: The best of Google, now in three sizes | Official Google Blog.

The more I use Google Hangouts…

The more I use Google Hangouts, the more I love it. #bestWayToHoldConferenceCalls #smshi @rob @gjwahine @atmarketing @s4xton