Google’s version of Dropbox launches

Long-rumored “Google Drive” finally launches and you get 5GB of data synchronization free. I’m diving into this one although I must say now that I’m and iPad fan I’m disappointed that the iPad version is “coming soon”. But I’m also an Android user so the counterbalance is that I’m happy that it’s immediately available on Android devices! Please post your experiences here

Don’t buy a laptop until after this summer!

My universal advice on buying new hardware is simple: keep what you have until it falls apart and then buy either the fastest, or 2nd fastest processor/configuration available. This assures you the longest possible life.

So if your laptop has broken apart (as mine did last year), go ahead and get one now, but otherwise you should wait until this fall. If you can’t wait and feel you must buy one now (even though your existing laptop hasn’t fallen apart) then read this article where Mossberg spells out the big upgrades coming this summer.

Think of it this way, would you rather give in to your weakness and buy a laptop now, only to have it be “old generation” in a few months, or would you keep it together and buy the latest, greatest, coolest, newest thing this fall?


Go Malia! MRT @HawaiiReporter:…

Go Malia! MRT @HawaiiReporter: Sean Hannity quoted stats from Hawaii Reporter again today!

Battery Backup your TV


Today’s modern TVs are really more like computers with giant screens so protect them like your computer with a good battery backup (you do have battery backups for all your computers, right?). Surge protector strips just don’t cut it!

Google Launching 5GB “Gdrive” dropbox competitor

Those of us in the Google ecosystem will be happy when this product launches and apparently its going to launch next week. All I know now is that it will come with 5GB of free online storage. Stay tuned!


Neither do I! RT @taracoomans:…

Neither do I! RT @taracoomans: need a degree to solve the world’s biggest problems? IBM doesn’t think so.

Facebook Acquires Instagram for ONE BILLION dollars

You’ve just got to love stories like this. Instagram has only 13 employees but their super-popular app got enough attention and traction that Facebook felt it would be better to buy them for one billion than to build their own. Congratulations!


Yeah! @damontucker: redhogs! R…

Yeah! @damontucker: redhogs! RT: @peterkay What’s word for people who can’t make up mind at redbox

Good one! @StartupHI: RedBLOCK…

Good one! @StartupHI: RedBLOCKS 😉

What’s the word for people who…

What’s the word for people who can’t make up their mind at a redbox when a LONG line is forming?