Send & receive big files with Dropbox


Next time you need to share files that are too big to send as attachments, try using  It’s free for the first 2GB and makes it really easy to share pictures, music, or any other large files. It works on Mac, PC, and iPads too.  Try it right now!

Windows 7 Tab Key shows 3D view of your windows


If you’re using Windows 7 try this: press and hold down the Windows icon key and press the tab button.  You’ll get this neat 3D view of all your open windows.  Each tab press moves forward or shift-tab goes back. Your mouse wheel works too.

Use Shift Click on Gmail for Quick Compose


Next time you send an email, hold down the shift key before you click on the Compose button.  A new email window will pop up which lets you compose and send your emails much faster than the usual way.

Shake the Windows 7


Here’s a fast way to a clutter free Windows 7 desktop. Grab the top of any window on your desktop and shake it while holding down the mouse button.  All your other windows will be minimized.  Shake it again and the other windows return.

Battery Backup your TV


Today’s modern TVs are really more like computers with giant screens so protect them like your computer with a good battery backup (you do have battery backups for all your computers, right?). Surge protector strips just don’t cut it!

Watch cable TV on your iPad


Finally, watch live cable TV, right on your iPad! Just go to iTunes and search for “TWcable” and you’ll up and running in no time. Use your Oceanic Cable and Road Runner with wifi in the house. Your Ipad can watch live TV, search through the program guide, program the DVR and even change the channels. Go to iTunes and search for TWcable.

I’ve gotten some questions from friends on some details so here’s how to get installed.

Requirements: you need to be an  Oceanic Time Warner customer with both a cable and RoadRunner subscription.  You also need wifi running in the house.

1. Go to and set yourself up with an account.  Of course this is for Oceanic Time Warner customers only.

2. Go to the Appstore and search for Twcable or just click on this TWcable App Store link to go direct.

3. Install the app in your iPad and enjoy!


Special thanks to Ed Sugimoto of Oceanic who wrote up additional information on his experience on the DVR functions.




Can the whole world see your Facebook photos?

Uploading photos to Facebook will show them to whole world unless you say otherwise. Click on the settings next to the post button and decide which groups of friends should see your pictures (or maybe who shouldn’t see them as well) .

Drag and drop attachments to Gmail


The next time you’re sending attachments in gmail, save time by selecting multiple documents from your computer folders and then drag and drop them on the gmail subject line. Google then uploads the documents automatically.

Unlock Google Labs for Great Goodies

If you’re using gmail, you’ve got to explore gmail labs to get fantastic productivity. Just go to settings and then click on Labs and you’re in for a real treat. My favorite is the Send and Archive add on which sends your email and archives it with a single click.

How to easily create Gmail Tasks

If you’re using Gmail and you need to create a task based on an email you’re reading, click on more actions and then add a task. Gmail will create a task with a link it to the email you’re. If you have keyboard shortcuts on it’s a quick Shift-T.