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You’ve done awesome with it! RT @MiwaOgletree: “Mahalo” to @PeterKay who introduced me to Twitter over 2 yrs ago. #Aloha

Facebook officially launches Skype integration

In what might be the most predicted announcement of the year, Facebook now integrates with Skype. You can click on the link below for more details and or just get started right now. What I want to think about is what this means in terms of the Facebook vs. Google battle. Skype is now owned Microsoft. Facebook surely could have bought a lesser-known video chat company and launched its own service. Why partner with Microsoft? Perhaps “The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend” is doing its little magic here? Perhaps a tight relationship between Facebook and Microsoft is what both companies see as necessary to take on the juggernaut which is Google. It will be interesting to see how the Google+ “hangout” video chat compares to the Facebook Skype integration. I haven’t checked recently, but I don’t think Skype handles multi-person video chat very well so that might be a place where Google+ will win out. Stay tuned for more fun.


Google Maps for Android adds Transit Navigation

Aside from the bus routes you might have already memorized, there’s really no easy way, when you’re out in the open, to figure out what bus you need to catch to get to where you’re going. Google’s recent addition of transit navigation should make life that much easier to get around using public transportation. On our last vacation I used Google Maps on my Sprint EVO 4G phone so extensively the only thing I missed was sufficient battery power. I better start looking for an external battery to wear in my backpack.


Time to update your WordPress Blog

I’ve got a few Joomla sites and after several years, I’ve decided to move them all to WordPress. One of the reasons is that WordPress updates have become so drop-dead simple. The latest 3.2 went about as fast and easy as any, which on one hand doesn’t say a lot (because they are all so fast and easy) but then again, speaks volumes. Get your update now.

Google+ “Hangout” looks like a big hit

Going through Google’s youtubes describing their Google+ service. I was particularly struck by the Hangout feature. Basically Google’s Hangouts let you start a spontaneous multi-person video chat. From the buzz around the web, this looks like it’s going to be a big hit. Will be fun to see how Facebook responds. More interesting still will be to see how many patents that Google filed on all their new social network goodies.