When should you give up?

That’s a trick question

2014 Internet Trends – Download this

Don’t wait. Either download the PDF or click through the slides. If you’re into tech, this is one of the most important annual presentations you need to see.

Make sure you password-protect your iOS

Don’t leave your iOS device unprotected and make sure you have a good password!

Iphone 6 better have voice over LTE functionality

I can’t see why it would not, but still…

iPhone 6 getting much more pixels

Apple doing its thing to stay ahead

We are in the Information Snacking Age

Are you?

2nd Year anniversary – Hawaii Student Entrepreneurs – YouTube

Proud and honored to be a part of this!

2nd Year anniversary – Hawaii Student Entrepreneurs – YouTube.

Are you in the flow?

One of the many things I love about software development is the “flow” state of mind you get into where you lose your sense of time passing, i.e. you attain a timeless state of mind.

Is there any movie genre better than scifi time travel?

I think not! This look GREAT!