2nd Year anniversary – Hawaii Student Entrepreneurs – YouTube

Proud and honored to be a part of this!

2nd Year anniversary – Hawaii Student Entrepreneurs – YouTube.

Watch cable TV on your iPad


Finally, watch live cable TV, right on your iPad! Just go to iTunes and search for “TWcable” and you’ll up and running in no time. Use your Oceanic Cable and Road Runner with wifi in the house. Your Ipad can watch live TV, search through the program guide, program the DVR and even change the channels. Go to iTunes and search for TWcable.

I’ve gotten some questions from friends on some details so here’s how to get installed.

Requirements: you need to be an  Oceanic Time Warner customer with both a cable and RoadRunner subscription.  You also need wifi running in the house.

1. Go to myservices.timewarnercable.com and set yourself up with an account.  Of course this is for Oceanic Time Warner customers only.

2. Go to the Appstore and search for Twcable or just click on this TWcable App Store link to go direct.

3. Install the app in your iPad and enjoy!


Special thanks to Ed Sugimoto of Oceanic who wrote up additional information on his experience on the DVR functions.




Hawaii coverage of Steve Jobs

Special thanks to Lisa Kubota and photographer “Peter” for giving me the chance to put in my two cents on Steve Jobs passing.

Why Oceanic Mobile works for people who work.

This is why Oceanic Mobile really works for me and anyone else that lives in the cloud and works on the road.


How businesses can take advantage of technological changes

Tech is about innovation and improvement and this lets businesses use that technology to improve their operations. Here’s a framework for small businesses everywhere on how to use technology to improve customer service and profitability.

How to have an empty email inbox

My inbox is completely empty every single day. Yes, that means I have ZERO items in my inbox at the end of each day. Here’s how to do it.

Special thanks to Oceanic for producing and rebroadcasting this presentation. Mahalo!

Marketing with Social Media

Here’s an introductory presentation for folks that want to understand what’s really going on with social media tools like Twitter and YouTube.

Google Maps for Mobile gets Monster Upgrade

Tons of improvements including 3D maps and the ability to work offline. Google Maps & Nav was already lightyears ahead of the competition (what competition?) and this one just takes them to another level.

Get more details from the Google Mobile Blog

Download your YouTube upgrade for Android

YouTube just for Android just got upgraded. Nice, incremental changes. You can watch video while you interact with the rest of the app or just turn the phone to landscape to get full screen.

Read up on all the details here on Google’s site.

Using Quick Links in Gmail

Quick Links enable you to “bookmark” a frequently-used search in gmail. Very handy tool that helps you get to commonly-searched email that might not be part of a Label.

Try it!