Tripping out! Dreamforce #df1…

Tripping out! Dreamforce #df11 opens up with Hawaiian pule chant and conch shell

Apple faithful losing their faith?

It will be interesting to see if Steve Jobs’ Apple Computer is “Built to Last” or was a reflection of his own incredible greatness (love or hate the guy or the company, his greatness is irrefutable). While we all know things will never be the same at Apple, here’s one piece whose author has already fallen out of the famous Steve Jobs reality distortion field


Gmail Archiving Shortcut

If you’re using gmail and you want to archive a message, don’t click on the archive button. Instead just press the “Y” key and you’ll get the job done better and faster. Try other shortcuts by pressing the question mark key on gmail. Try it right now!

Android Shortcut

Add one touch speed dial to your family and friends the easy way. Just press and hold an empty space on the screen and add a shortcut to a direct dial. Android will put a button on your screen that immediately calls your loved ones. Try it right now!

Big File Sharing

If you need to send a lot of files to your friends and email attachments ain’t cutting it, try It’s fast, easy, free and even lets you share files with several friends. And now that you’ve got Road Runner Broadband with double the speed, you can move big files faster than ever before.

Steve Jobs’ amazing accomplishment at Apple

Whether you love or hate Apple, you simply can’t deny the incredible accomplishment of Steve Jobs as CEO. Apple was on life support at a $3billion valuation when starting in 2000 Steve became its permanent CEO. Eleven years later, Apple is worth > $350 billion. That’s a nice 100x return on your money, meaning that had you bought $10k in stock in ’99, you’d be worth over a million today.

When Apple acquired NeXT, and Jobs, for $400 million in December, 1996, Apple’s market cap was $3 billion. Today it’s $347 billion, leaving it just $2 billion short of being the most valuable public company in the world, Exxon.

How did Jobs steer the company away from its crash course with the graveyard? By introducing an unrivaled string of hit products.

chart of the day, apple market cap 1996-2011, aug 2011

thanks man..really exciting st…

thanks man..really exciting stuff! RT @ericnakagawa @hawaii @bytemarks right on peter looking forward to what’s next for you!

Not yet but you guys will know…

Not yet but you guys will know 1st! RT @hawaii @Bytemarks Official announcement? Excited to hear what’s next for @peterkay!

Secret coming out! RT @Bytemar…

Secret coming out! RT @Bytemarks Here’s @peterkay announcing his next stealth company

Launch your social intranet now

Glancing through today’s tech news I came across:” Yammer Now Works With”

And it brought to mind something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately and that is how social network tools are quickly transforming themselves into a social intranet (i.e. tools to be used for a company’s private internal network purposes). Facebook and Twitter have made the power of social networks clear in our personal lives so its natural that this paradigm is beginning to take hold inside the corporate environment.

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