Facebook is eating the web and perhaps your company

This is an amazing chart that confirms what we’re all experiencing: people are spending more time on Facebook than any other single website. This has massive implicatio

ns not just for Google, but for any marketer.

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Launch your social intranet now

Glancing through today’s tech news I came across:” Yammer Now Works With Salesforce.com.”

And it brought to mind something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately and that is how social network tools are quickly transforming themselves into a social intranet (i.e. tools to be used for a company’s private internal network purposes). Facebook and Twitter have made the power of social networks clear in our personal lives so its natural that this paradigm is beginning to take hold inside the corporate environment.

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Data Integration tools for salesforce.com

I firmly believe that you can’t have a great CRM system without great data integration. One of the many things I really like about salesforce.com is its openness and flexibility when it comes to dealing with importing and exporting data. I use a collection of tools to get the job done.
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Is my data less secure in the cloud?

If you’re considering moving some of your business operations into the cloud and your IT person tells you something to the effect that “I’m concerned about security…”, they are really talking about their job security more than your data security.  Read more