Is my data less secure in the cloud?

If you’re considering moving some of your business operations into the cloud and your IT person tells you something to the effect that “I’m concerned about security…”, they are really talking about their job security more than your data security.  Simple truth is that unless your IT department has people working on security issues full time, there’s a very good chance that your existing on-site data is far, far less secure than enterprise-grade cloud service providers.   Moving your business to the cloud will increase security of your data; just make sure you give plenty of warm and fuzzies to your IT folks to help them feel a commensurate increase in their job security as well.


Here’s a quick excerpt and a link form some of the experts at that backs up my simple statement with facts and stats:

Every threat to data in a traditional IT environment is preserved in any so-called ‘private cloud’ – while many of those threats are substantially reduced in an enterprise-grade ‘public cloud’ environment. The reason is that a cloud is a model for delivering services, and it’s the skill and diligence of those services that will have (by far) the greatest impact on real security.

via Some Cloud Myths Are Dangerous Lies – The Cloud Blog.