Watch cable TV on your iPad


Finally, watch live cable TV, right on your iPad! Just go to iTunes and search for “TWcable” and you’ll up and running in no time. Use your Oceanic Cable and Road Runner with wifi in the house. Your Ipad can watch live TV, search through the program guide, program the DVR and even change the channels. Go to iTunes and search for TWcable.

I’ve gotten some questions from friends on some details so here’s how to get installed.

Requirements: you need to be an  Oceanic Time Warner customer with both a cable and RoadRunner subscription.  You also need wifi running in the house.

1. Go to and set yourself up with an account.  Of course this is for Oceanic Time Warner customers only.

2. Go to the Appstore and search for Twcable or just click on this TWcable App Store link to go direct.

3. Install the app in your iPad and enjoy!


Special thanks to Ed Sugimoto of Oceanic who wrote up additional information on his experience on the DVR functions.




Supercharged Smartphone

I watch more Internet video on my smartphone than on my TV and it’s because I’ve got my phone using the wifi and got my wifi using my Road Runner Broadband which just doubled their speed. Now I watch my favorite Internet videos out on the lanai instead of the living room.

Online Backups

The best way to protect your precious digital photos and mp3 collection is to back them up online. Now that the Road Runner folks have doubled your Internet speed, there’s no excuse especially since they even give you free software. Back it up now, willya?

Internet videos in HD

If you watch a lot of Internet videos, find out if they can play back in HD. The folks at Road Runner just doubled their speed and this means you can watch full screen HD Internet video right on your PC and it looks great. Try it!

Big File Sharing

If you need to send a lot of files to your friends and email attachments ain’t cutting it, try It’s fast, easy, free and even lets you share files with several friends. And now that you’ve got Road Runner Broadband with double the speed, you can move big files faster than ever before.

Why Oceanic Mobile works for people who work.

This is why Oceanic Mobile really works for me and anyone else that lives in the cloud and works on the road.


Got your Road Runner speed upgrade to 10mb yet?

Always nice to get a speed boost. My friends at Oceanic gave me the “inside scoop” that their network upgrade is almost complete. A quick check to confirmed that my Hawaii Road Runner Broadband connection is cranking at 10mb down and 1mb up. download speed

My download speed as measured by

We usually take these kinds of things for granted but allow me to contrast this to the not-so-distant past. I recall in 1993, just before the commercial Internet was just taking hold in Hawaii, UH had one of the few Internet connections. I recall being told that the entire UH campus, including all the community colleges share a single T-1 connection. A T-1 is 1.5mb/sec.

So in less than 2 decades, we’ve gone from 1.5mb to serve an entire University and its colleges to 6x the speed going to a single home.

Now, lets talk price. I recall in 2000 when my company CyberCom purchased a T-1 line for its business, the price was about $800/mo. Today, only 5 years later, I get 6x the download speed and about 2/3 the upload speed for 1/20th the cost.

The only word I have for that is: Amazing!

Oceanic’s 4G wireless network launch – phone interview

Alan Pollock, the VP of Marketing at Oceanic Time Warner cable gives us the inside scoop of their upcoming plans to launch a wireless 4G (WiMax) network on Oahu with download speeds ranging from 4-6mb/s which is competitive with today’s hard-wired home broadband services.

Also in the interview Alan talks about the upcoming 10mb/s upgrade for Road Runner residential customers. Enjoy!

You can directly download the file here

Games to play on your computer

It’s always fun to have a few games to play on your computer. Games help break up your day and keep you from burning out. Of course if you’re at work make sure you’re not breaking any rules.

Some game links:

Road Runner subscribers: great collection of games, many free.

Here’s my personal collection of over a dozen game sites, mostly free.

When was the last time you verified your anti-virus software?

[audio:ycm-freeAv.mp3] When was the last time you verified your A/V sofware?When was the last time you verified your anti-virus software is up to date? I get emails from people all the time that get infected with viruses. Folks, don’t let this happen to you. A ruined computer is no fun. If you’re a Road Runner subscriber, you can get free anti-virus software so you’ve got no excuse!