Should you upgrade to Windows 10? Wait until 10.1

It’s certainly tempting, isn’t it? Windows is “giving away” a free upgrade to Windows 10.  What do to?

I’ve lived by the “Wait for the point upgrade” (wftpu) advice for years and I’m going to continue following it.

What wftpu means is simply this: all new O/S releases have bugs. Let others work through them and wait for the manufacturer to put those fixes into a point release”  (e.g. Windows 10.1) and then invest your time and effort to making the switch.

So though I do get tempted to upgrade, I’m going to patiently wait for 10.1, and then hopefully the free upgrade will still be available.

Credit to Microsoft for making it easier for us to hold off:

We understand you care deeply about what happens with your device. This is why – regardless of your upgrade path – you can choose to upgrade or decline the offer.

Source: Making it Easier to Upgrade to Windows 10 | Windows Experience Blog

Why we won’t be allowed to drive cars one day

I love driving on big, empty, curving roads. I love racing (on a track).  But commuting? I’d rather have a computer do that for me.

For one, it’s safer. Look at how this [expletive] driver turned right in front of oncoming traffic. It would have been a very bad collision if it weren’t for Tesla Autopilot’s microsecond reaction time which saved everyone.

As self-driving cars continue to demonstrate their superior safety capabilities, don’t be surprised one day if, like Elon Musk said, we won’t be allowed to drive our own cars.

I know I certainly would be in favor of taking away the offending driver’s privilege to drive, that’s for sure!


Chrome now lets you mute a tab and all its annoying sounds.

My biggest pet peeve online is when a background tab suddenly starts playing some kind of video ad (with sound) or even worse, starts playing lousy music.

Your only choice was to mute your whole computer. No longer!  If you’re using the version 46 or greater of Chrome, just right-click on the tab and you can mute it. Yippie!

Now instead of hunting for the mute button on autoplaying videos or looking for the audio player on the website of that restaurant who feels the need for mood music, you can just right-click on the guilty tab, select mute, and kill sound on the entire page.

Source: Chrome now lets you mute individual tabs | The Verge

New flagship Android Nexus phones from Google released

I long switched to iPhone but my wife and others understandably swear by Android phones for many good reasons. If you’re in that category, take a good look at the Nexus 5X and 6P if you’re in the market for an upgrade to your existing Android phone.

The Nexus 5X and 6P are two of the best Nexus devices ever produced. It’s a common line that people say every year, but these are the first Nexus devices that don’t have a huge deal breaker attached to them. Google and its partners have finally nailed two of the things Nexus devices have traditionally been poor at. The camera is actually good—great, even—and can hold its own against the best mobile shooters out there. And the battery life is just as good as any other flagship as well.

Source: Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P review: The true flagships of the Android ecosystem | Ars Technica

If you applied for credit at T-mobile, your identity may be at risk

T-Mobile customers should keep an eye out for identity thieves. The cell service provider said today that the data of about 15 million credit applicants was stolen from credit reporting agency Experian.

It’s always a bummer when you see these kinds of reports. If you supplied your SS# to T-mobile for a credit-type application, there’s a good chance that information is now in the hands of thieves so take appropriate action.

Source: Personal data of 15M T-Mobile credit applicants stolen through hack of credit reporting agency Experian – GeekWire