Sony Playstation Network user’s credit cards getting charged by hackers

It’s looking more and more like the hackers did get access to credit card information. If you are a Playstation Network subscriber, change your credit card number or risk getting ripped off

“I logged into my bank account just to check everything was OK and I found out there was some just over $2,000 in charges which I didn’t personally accrue,” he said.

Sony Playstation Security Nightmare Continues

Now we’re getting conflicting reports about Sony Playstation Network credit cards. Hackers imply they have possession. Sony denies it. If you were on PSN, either change your credit card number or watch that bill very, very closely for the next 12 months


Google Talk & Video Coming to an Android near you

Google had to do this in order to compete with Apple’s facetime. And of course they have one-upped the iPhone: you can do video chat on 3G and 4G networks as opposed to iPhone which only does it if connected to wifi. The only bad news is that it is being released first for the Nexus S and then later for the rest of us. Finally we can make use of that front facing camera. Can’t wait!


Android has more free apps than iPhone

The structural superiority of the Android market-based approach continues to gain steam. Apple’s iPhone is a fantastic phone, but it just can’t compete singlehandedly against an entire industry of hardware manufacturers, carriers, and developers. While I give credit to iPhone as a better hardware platform and better software integration, this advantage will continue to shrink to the point where it becomes irrelevant. Google’s continued exclusive software advances on the mobile platform will help Android phones overcome any hardware disintegration deficiencies. Pardon my wonky geekout

According to Distimo, Google’s Android Market currently offers 134,342 free applications for download, while Apple’s App Store for iPhone offers 121,845 free applications.

Your PlayStation Network credit card might be safe

I’m looking for some good news in this complete disaster for Sony. According to this article, it’s possible your credit card information wasn’t exposed. One key thing to remember is that if you are like most users, you use the same password on a lot of different websites. If this is the case, it’s quite possible that your email and password is in the hands of hackers right now. I would go to all your key sites, like facebook, gmail, etc, and change the password immediately. Post any additional comments to to share with others here. Good luck!

All credit card information stored on Sony’s PlayStation Network was encrypted, the company said one day after warning users their user names, passwords, birth dates and home addresses were stolen in a security breach.

Google releases Android Docs app. Eat your heart out, iphone’ers!

Android users have yet another reason to stick their tongues out at iphone users: a seriously functional google docs app for android phone.

If you “qualify” head on over to the android store and install your copy.

From Google:

“Increasingly, people are using mobile phones to access information — from email to web browsing to editing documents. Part of getting work done on the go is being able to easily access, edit and share content, which is why we’re happy to announce the new Google Docs app for Android.”

Panos commenting on Rail Trans…

Panos commenting on Rail Transit Authority. Join us now. Live! #rail #honolulu

Join us tonight 9pm HST LIVE w…

Join us tonight 9pm HST LIVE with call-in and my friend Panos Prevedouros on #honolulu issues.

I’m sorry. RT @DannysKorner: @…

I’m sorry. RT @DannysKorner: @peterkay I’m on PlayStation Network 🙁

Google Mobile releases key findings from research on smartphones

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the world has shifted, again, to mobile phones. Personally? I watch videos on my phone more than I watch them on TV. I probably use the mobile browser at least as much as I use my desktop. And one thing is for darn sure, when I’m out and about, my mobile phone is my brain extension. Google’s research will confirm what many of us already know: mobile is huge

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