Facebook is eating the web and perhaps your company

This is an amazing chart that confirms what we’re all experiencing: people are spending more time on Facebook than any other single website. This has massive implicatio

ns not just for Google, but for any marketer.

Facebook is changing the game at many levels. First, it’s bringing unprecedented power to “word of mouth advertising” as the social network is really the word-of-mouth network. Second, Facebook is creating a new web interface paradigm; do you think your 20 something employee is going to enjoy an IBM 370 green screen interface? Finally, Facebook is creating a culture of interconnectedness and self-organization that empowers people in unprecedented ways.

The companies that figure out how to incorporate these social media concepts within their own operations will outperform and outmaneuver their competitors by many orders of magnitude. Applications like Salesforce.com’s chatter really enables their “social enterprise” concept. Whether your business is located in Hawaii or anywhere else in the world, I strongly suggest you start seriously thinking of how to incorporate the Facebook model for both external and internal operations.