Heroku Now the Default Choice for Facebook Cloud Services

I think this is a pretty big deal for Heroku. To be the exclusive (for now) provider of “Cloud Services” for Facebook is going to give them a monster advantage. Now connect that to Salesforce’s database.com backend integration and you’ve got some serious potential horsepower to explode a whole new category of social enterprise applications that integrate your company’s backend with a Facebook frontend.

One of the new frontiers in social media that few have explored is creating meaningful Facebook apps that provide a unique customer experience to their vendor’s backends. Once this cat gets out of the bag, look out for a whole new category of applications. This latest partnering between Facebook and Heroku is another step in this direction. Stay Tuned!

Facebook and Heroku

by Adam – 4 hrs ago

We’re delighted to announce that Facebook and Heroku have teamed up to bring you the fastest and easiest way to get your own Facebook app up and running in the cloud.

Facebook apps have long been a major segment on the Heroku platform. From scrappy startups like Cardinal Blue to Hollywood giants like Warner Brothers, Heroku’s scale-out capabilities and friction-free workflow enables these innovative companies to easily deliver great social experiences. Now, Facebook has created a fantastic new way to start building a live Facebook app instantly, powered by Heroku.

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