Presentation at University of Phoenix

I recorded a screen video/audio of the presentation and it came out really good, EXCEPT between 2:24 and 12:12. When you get to 2:24 and hear silence, just FF to 12:12 and you’re golden.

It’s a WMV (Windows media) file. Mac users: sorry but you only get audio out of this.

Click here to play the presentation.

There’s one important typo you should know and that is on one slide I give my email address as a .org but it’s really a .com. The proper email address is shown at the top of each slide.

HUGE mahalos go out to:

  • Steve Schoen for his continually gracious hosting of things like this.
  • Tad, Rich, and Phil, my old CyberCom buddies, who came out to see what their old colleague was doing.
  • Russ, Ray, Lubuw, Milan, and the others that came at my invitation.
    and finally,
  • Leighton Chong, my patent attorney, who co-presented at this event and who’s great idea of IP licensing I have shamelessly copied and am running with as fast as I can.

Mahalo Nui Everyone!