Cloud Computing is not just a tech trend. It’s a lifestyle movement.

I was honored by mention in a Hawaii Business article on cloud computing and am especially happy about what I was quoted on:

What cloud computing represents to me, finally, is more of a movement, the ability of people to be free to work wherever, whenever and however they wish, using whatever device they want. It’s a tremendously liberating thing.

There’s a lot more to expand on and I took this opportunity to do so.

The promise finally arrives

I love being on the forefront of new trends. CyberCom built the first commercial web site in 1994 and we really pushed the envelope for so many companies in Hawaii.  While the concept of cloud computing has been around for a while, the real promise of the technology is only coming about now and it’s reflected in our slogan:

Work anytime, anyplace, using anyware.™

Instant access to everything

Only very recently do we have the capability to deliver this dream.  With the way of doing business, you can use any net-connected device (regardless of whether or not you own it or have ever touched it before) and have instant access to all your files, company process information (e.g. customers, sales, operations), and communication systems.  You essentially are deeply connected to your company in ways never before possible.

It’s really about freedom

So what?  Who cares?  What’s the point? Besides the “Business Productivity” justifications of lowering costs and increasing revenues, cloud computing done the way gives you one more incredibly important feature: Freedom.  The freedom to…

Work anytime, anyplace, using anyware.™

The freedom to work anytime

Considered within the context of Freedom, this means you can work when you want to work.  Gone are the constraints of not only a 9-5 workday but also the 2-week-vacation-once-a-year (if you’re lucky) restriction.  Work when you need to.  Take off when you need to.  Go to your kid’s recital right in the middle of the workday but never miss a beat.  Never miss a chaperone opportunity (especially if you’re going on a multi-day trip!) while you keep your customers happy. Take a short vacation without anyone really noticing.

The freedom to work anyplace

If you can work anytime, you can work anyplace.  And here is where living and working in Hawaii (arguably the most incredible place to live on earth) since 1994 gives us a somewhat extraordinary testimonial of the incredible benefit of working anyplace.  But it’s not just about living and working in Hawaii.  How about working in the comfort of your air-conditioned car in a parking lot when you have a few extra minutes?  Why not get 100% productive while you have to wait at the doctor’s office because they are running behind schedule?  Of course it’s great to get those obligatory I’m-on-the-beach-and-I’m-working-while-you-poor-stiffs-are-in-y0ur-offices photos, but in reality, it’s the ability to be productive all the time that gives you the true freedom to be at the place you want, when you want.

The freedom to use anyware, including someone else’s

Besides a cute play on words, it is liberating to use nearly any kind of hardware to get your job done.  Whether you’re Mac or PC, iPhone or Android, laptop or tablet, in the world, you’re presented with the same experience. You are free to choose the appropriate hardware platform based on your circumstances.   The difference is really striking when you use someone else’s hardware (e.g. airport kiosk or friend’s laptop) and have access to your entire company.

Join the Movement to Freedom

Despite the dire economic conditions we all face, I’m incredibly optimistic about the path forward.  I see a world where people live where they want, work on what they want, work with who they want, and work when they want.  The industrial era is quickly being replaced by freelance workers around the globe who are enjoying unprecedented freedom and prosperity. And is one of the leaders of this movement, just like we lead the  movement of the commercial web.

Only this one is going to be bigger.  Mahalo for following me all the way to this sentence.