Use Shift Click on Gmail for Quick Compose


Next time you send an email, hold down the shift key before you click on the Compose button.  A new email window will pop up which lets you compose and send your emails much faster than the usual way.

How to easily transition from Microsoft Outlook to Google Gmail for Business (Part 2 of 2)

You’ve followed the advice I gave you in part 1, “The easy way to transition from Microsoft Outlook to Google apps for business Gmail” so by now you’re still using Outloo

k though it is connected to the Google apps for business Gmail servers. You’re also using Gmail’s superior search. So you’re feeling good because you’re saving money (lower hosting costs with Google) and you’re more productive with faster search. It’s time to “complete your training” to Gmail, young Jedi!

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Gmail Cheat Sheet

As you get used to working in Google Gmail for business, you need to start flexing your ninja muscles by learning shortcuts and search operators.

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Drag and drop attachments to Gmail


The next time you’re sending attachments in gmail, save time by selecting multiple documents from your computer folders and then drag and drop them on the gmail subject line. Google then uploads the documents automatically.

The easy way to transition from Microsoft Outlook to Google apps for business Gmail (Part 1)

It’s been about 2 years since I completely switched to using Google Apps for our business and Gmail specifically; I haven’t opened Microsoft Outlook since.
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Google Apps Hawaii Users: Better Syncing with Outlook

If you love Microsoft Outlook but want to try out Google Apps for Business, the best way to go is use the free Outlook Sync application that Google supplies.  It lets you continue using Outlook but syncs your email, calendar, and notes with the Google servers.

It’s the perfect way to smoothly transition using Gmail to replace Outlook without having to go cold turkey. Let me give you my own story as an example:

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Unlock Google Labs for Great Goodies

If you’re using gmail, you’ve got to explore gmail labs to get fantastic productivity. Just go to settings and then click on Labs and you’re in for a real treat. My favorite is the Send and Archive add on which sends your email and archives it with a single click.

How to easily create Gmail Tasks

If you’re using Gmail and you need to create a task based on an email you’re reading, click on more actions and then add a task. Gmail will create a task with a link it to the email you’re. If you have keyboard shortcuts on it’s a quick Shift-T.

Access your Gmail and Google Docs Even When the Cloud Cuts You Off

We love cloud computing, especially here in Hawaii.  We’ve become so dependent on cloud computing that in the rare occasions when some parts of the service go down, you are completely powerless to getting any work done.  Might as well turn off the power, hit the beach, and get a tan, right? Think again!

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Gmail help cheat-sheet

If you use gmail, you’ve got to start using keyboard shortcuts. Just press the question mark on your keyboard the next time you’re gmailing and a cheat sheet pops up with awesome tips that will speed up your gmailing like you can’t believe. Try it right now!