Gmail Cheat Sheet

As you get used to working in Google Gmail for business, you need to start flexing your ninja muscles by learning shortcuts and search operators.

Gmail cheat sheet

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://″>get your own Gmail cheat sheet, but here are some of my favorite keyboard shortcuts:

Gmail shortcuts

e: archive email

y: remove label

c: compose

r: reply to all

tab+enter: Send

and the best shortcut of all: ?: brings up the shortcut cheat-sheet.


Search Operators

This is nearly an outdated tip because gmail’s new advanced search (just click on the little dropdown arrow in the search box) lets you easily type in various search criteria without having to know any operators. Still, here’s a few of my favorites:


has:attachment before:2006/1/1 This one is handy if you have reached your 25gb gmail for business storage limit. It finds all the emails that have an attachment prior to 2006.


before:yyyy/mm/dd finds emails before a date

after:yyyy/mm/dd after a date
filename: search by attachment name (talk about easily finding that attachment where you know the name but not the email content)