Verizon subscribers may miss out

This article in the Advertiser was brought to my attention and if you’re a Verizon user you may want to look into it a little closer:

Subscribers of Verizon Hawaii’s digital high-speed Internet service will lose free firewall and virus protection services on May 15, unless they register for the service.

MSN Premium, which now is provided free of charge, will remain free for another six months to those who register, after which regular monthly charges of $9.95 a month will apply.

Well, I guess we’ll all find out how valuable MSN Premium was. My suggestion is that if you weren’t taking advantage of the free firewall and virus services, don’t bother. And even if you were, I’d consider buying something like Norton Internet Security from Symantec which is showing on their online store for $49.95. Subsequent years will cost you about $20 (based on the rebate they’re giving this year for existing users)

Disclosure: Your Computer Minute is sponsored by Road Runner so you’ll have to excuse the shameless (but true) plug that follows.

Of course the folks over at Road Runner are ready to take you under their wing and give you free firewall and anti-spam software so if you’re mad-as-hell this might be a good time to switch.

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  1. holly hackett says:

    Dear Peter Kay: After listening to a guest on the George Nori show on KHVH I went to her website, ghostly matters. Unfortunately it was a hodgepodge of junk and now I have many emails for viagra, etc. I just delete them and never open but they seem to be multiplying each day… help…I am on road runner, as you can tell. I enjoy your computer minutes even though they’re over my head sometimes. I’m a freelance court reporter and mainly do word processing on computer….aloha, Holly Hackett

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