Still going through the fat Yellow Pages book?

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Are you still slogging through a thick yellow page book every time you need to find a business? If you have a high-speed, always on connection, finding the business you’re looking for is faster, easier, and only a mouseclick away if you use an online yellow page service. I personally use the one at Yahoo and its really awesome as it also gives me driving directions to the listing. The local phone company also has an online version. Its takes a little bit of getting used to the new habit, but trust me when I say that once you’ve switched to using the online yellow pages instead of the fat yellow books, you’ll never go back. Of course this won’t work well if you have dialup because you have to take the time to connect but if you have a high speed, always online connection, using electronic yellow pages is faster and easier than ever before. But you gotta try it to feel it and believe it.

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