Make your computer’s wallpaper the inspirational thought of the day

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Aloha, I’m Peter Kay with Your Computer Minute. Everyone likes to use motivational “thought of the day” type of things around their desk right? Some people use calendars, others use posters, and some people use post-it notes to capture meaningful little thoughts that help remind us of what is really important in our life. Have you ever thought about using that computer screen you stare for hours at a time? That’s right! Your computer can become a motivational tool! Bet you never thought of that, didja? Well that’s why I’m here. You see, you probably already have a screensaver installed on your computer that allows you to display text messages as well as graphics on the screen. Use the screensaver’s feature that lets you type in a personal text message. Make this message your little thought for the day and voila! The next time your screensaver kicks in you get the motivational message. Try it! It really works!

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