Bring those big spreadsheets down to size with outlining

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Did you ever create a spreadsheet that got just a little too big and you had to scroll all over the place to see the numbers you needed? I suggest you learn about Excel’s “Outlining” feature. With it, you can select a collection of columns or rows that you’d like to be able to collapse (perhaps because they have a lot of detail that you might not want to see all the time) and then “outline” them. Once outlined, you can collapse or expand the rows or columns you’ve selected.

Outlining gives you the ability to setup your spreadsheet so that you can collapse it all down to show the big picture while giving you the ability to expand any specific parts you may want to zoom in to. It makes even the largest spreadsheets very, very manageable.

Now what’s really, really cool is that if you setup your spreadsheet properly in the first place, using functions like SUM and SUBTOTAL, you can automagically apply outlines by just clicking on the DATA menu, then Group and Outline, then choose Auto Outline. Download my demonstration spreadsheet and try it.

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