Organizing meetings and notes with outlining in Microsoft Word

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Did you know that Microsoft Word has an awesome tool to help you create and organize new ideas? Most people use Word for typical word processing, but do you use its powerful outlining features? Hit the F1 key, look up “outlining”, and you’ll find a powerful tool that I use for a whole bunch of different reasons. Outlines help me create great documents by helping me transform raw ideas into well-structured thoughts. Anytime I need to take notes in a conversation I fire up a copy of Word in outline mode. I find that I can easily capture lots of ideas yet have the flexibility later to organize them into action plans.

Want a way to run a killer meeting? Use a projector to put a Word document in front of the audience and use outlining mode to take notes and action items. There is an AWESOME dynamic that occurs when you are taking notes right there in front of everyone’s eyes. People participate better and they make sure you enter accurate minutes. Best of all, at the end of the meeting all you do is email the document to all the participants and you’re done! I know that if you check out (and master) outlining in Word, you’ll find a great tool waiting to help you work better and faster.

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