Stop printing Acrobat forms! Fill and sign them digitally instead.

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Most Web sites publish their forms as Adobe Acrobat documents and that’s really cool. All you have to do is download the form, send it to your printer, fill it out, sign, and then fax it in. What could be simpler? Well, how about the Peter Kay Paperless Method (PKPM) of just filling the form on screen, giving it your digital signature, and then emailing it in? Yeah baby!

In order to do PKPM, you need to do 1 or 2 things: First, assuming that you have Adobe Acrobat (not just the Reader; you need the full version with the ability to create Acrobat documents), use the online help in Acrobat to setup your digital signature. Once you’ve got this setup you’ll be able to digitally sign any Acrobat document. Say buh-bye to printing and signing paper.

Second, for the given form you want to fill out, try clicking on the fields and see if a cursor shows up. Some forward-thinking organizations have made their forms fillable, like that advanced, cash-collecting organization called the IRS. If the Acrobat form is NOT fillable, then you can decide to turn it into one. While I don’t suggest this process if you’re only going to fill out the form only once, it becomes very efficient if the form will be used many times.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of digital signatures and Adobe forms, I guarantee you’ll love it because you’ll never have to print, fill, sign, and fax another document again.

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  1. Mohd Rahim says:

    Hi Peter, nice web. This is what I’ve been searching for long time, I mean filling PDF form. Currently I’m using Adobe Acrobat Pro 6.0. Thanks a lot, and keep up updating .

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