Big BioTech Center getting funded for Kaka’ako

From the Advertiser:

An association of local business interests yesterday received some federal government assistance to help develop a 300,000-square-foot life-sciences research center in Kaka’ako.

Honolulu-based Biotech Research Center LLC was awarded $11 million worth of tax credits to help attract financing for the estimated $150 million project.

It’s very cool to see a continued momentum in Hawaii Biotech and it looks like Kaka’ako is shaping up to be the epicenter. First you had Tissue Genesis locating in the Gold Bond Building (and in fact they moved into the killer office space that my other company CyberCom, Inc, had leased) and then the Medical School and now this.

I would be very interested in knowing more about what unique advantages Hawaii can bring to the Biotech industry. Why does it make business sense for a BioTech company to do business here? The better we can answer this question, the tighter a point we can focus our resources on.