Local boy Geek writes first book on podcasting

We are oh-so-proud of Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central. Todd has just announced his book, Podcasting: Do It Yourself Guide which will soon be on shelves everywhere and of course including Amazon.com.
Support your local Geek!  Get the Book!

Ryan Ozawa over at HawaiiPodcasting.com (where yours truly is also a member) put out a great press release. Go check him out.

What’s very cool about this is that a local guy becomes the first to write a book on podcasting. Podcasting is a really, really new thing, just over 6 months old. It’s quickly taking the country by storm and essentially creating a new media. We’re so proud to have a fellow Geek (hey, what’s your Geek score anyway Todd?) right in our backyard be one of the pioneers of a new industry.

Way to go Todd! We’ll be rooting for you man! 🙂