Intelligo works when the power doesn’t

Here is an incredibly valuable yet essentially “free” benefit of the Intelligo product:  continued connectivity during power outages.


Today there was an outage which affected much of the east side of Honolulu.  While I don’t have the details as to specifically which regions were affected, the only region that really matters, MINE, was affected.  Our extensive battery backup configuration allowed us to safely power down all electronic equipment.


But what then?  Intelligo to the rescue.  


In a few minutes, my laptop + Intelligo was on, doing just fine, and I continued my work. Because I essentially “live in the cloud” all of my other services were up and running. The laptop is running of its own internal battery of course, and I’ve connected Intelligo to the laptop via USB to supply it with fresh power. 

If my laptop batteries drain too low, I can merely plug my laptop into the battery backup and within about a 1/2 hour I will be fully charged again. I don’t know how many times I can recharge my laptop from my battery backup, and I hope I won’t have to find out. But I’ll report the continued findings here.


Thanks Intelligo!  Not only was I productive enough to keep working, but I apparently also found enough time to write this post!

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