Launch your top applications and Web sites with one click

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How many clicks does it take to launch your daily applications? Tell me you don’t go through Start, Programs, etc. Please! How about your favorite Web pages? Don’t DARE say you type in the URL each time.

Many of us have bookmarked some Web sites in the Favorites menu and that’s a good start, but did you know that you can launch your daily applications and access your top Web pages with the Link Bar that’s included with Internet Explorer? Fire up Internet explorer and search the online help for “Links Bar” for complete details and you’ll find that you can drag and drop both Web pages and applications to the Link Bar. Once you’ve set it up just right you’ll love the convenience of a single click to execute those sites and apps you run 90% of the time.

The vast majority of your Web surfing only goes to a handful of sites and you really only use a few applications most of the time. Why waste time clicking through menus to get what you want when you can make them all accessible by a single button push. At my home computer, I have quick links for TV listings, Movie showtimes, yellow pages, and my favorite game sites. At the office, I have links to the Yellow Pages, News, our corporate customer support site, and of course, the surf report (hey, I gotta know when it’s time to leave early to catch a sweet swell).

If you haven’t already, setup Internet Explorer with a tailored Link Bar and you’ll love the productivity boost.

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