iTunes 4.9 video demo walk through

Want to see how to use this feature the cool way?
Watch this video using your Windows Media PlayerCheckout the video for a step-by-step demonstration!
(And let me know if you experienced any difficulties)

If you’d like to see how iTunes 4.9 works, check out this video.

Overall, nice, simple UI. Better than iPodder Lemon. You can drag and drop podcast links to subscribe, and the directory is easy to browse. I like it.

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  1. Bob Lew says:


    I cannot view the iTunes 4.9 WMV video on on my Mac using the latest Windows Media Player version 9.0.0. The player says that you are using a codec that is unsupported.


  2. Shane Robinson says:

    Same here, Peter. None of your videos work on Macs. And the window automatically resizes itself to full screen and runs off the side of the monitor (even though I have a 22″ and a 17″ monitor side-by-side)

    The error reported is: “This file may not play correctly because it was compressed by using a codec that is not supported.”

    Seems it is a Windows only codec, probably chosen by default in your recording software. I can play all types of WMV and WMA files on other sites.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Peter Kay says:

    Sorry folks. Dunno why Macs don’t have (or can’t get) the codec.

    I recorded it using straight, “standard”, Windows Media Encoder.

    The Video codec is “Windows Media Video 9 Screen”

    And audio codec is “Windows Media Audio 9.1
    16 kbps, 22 kHz, mono (A/V) 1-pass CBR”

  4. John Sawyer says:

    Sometimes the error message “This file may not play correctly because it was compressed by using a codec that is not supported”, occurs when the Mac’s audio settings get messed up; primarily, the file may have gotten damaged. It’s at Macintosh HD/Library/Preferences. Trash it, restart the Mac, then open the Sound prefpane and check its settings–make sure that the appropriate hardware for Output Device (and possibly Input Device too) has been selected. Sometimes the Sound prefpane can’t properly set these settings, but the application “Audio MIDI Setup” can do the job; it’s at Applications/Utilities.

  5. Scott Rollans says:

    I had this problem too. Audio on WMP just suddenly stopped working. I was able to solve it using Audio MIDI Set.

    Here’s the solution, from Apple’s website:

    1. Open Audio MIDI Setup (/Applications/Utilities/), then check the Audio Output setting.
    2. Change the Audio Output setting to 44100.0 Hz.
    3. Quit Audio MIDI Setup.

    Why does this happen?
    Some third-party audio applications may change your computer’s audio output setting. In fact, if you use the third-party application again after applying the above solution, the issue might occur again. Observe changes by watching the settings in Audio MIDI Setup before and after running a third-party application you suspect might be causing the issue. Contact the manufacturer of the application for more information.

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