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This is the perfect podcast for someone interested in creating a podcast, sponsoring a podcast, or using a podcast for their business as well as people that want to know about podcasting.

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:28 Start of live presentation
  • 2:15 What is podcasting and how does it work?
  • 6:22 Audio examples of audio podcasts
  • 8:50 Who is podcasting and how? Link to Todd Cochrane’s book "Podcasting: A Do it Yourself Guide" .
  • 9:30 Who is listening to podcasts?
  • 10:50 Why is podcasting so different and new? How will podcasting revolutionize the way you listen to radio?
  • 12:00 How will podcasting change the nature of radio advertisements?
  • 14:05 Why is podcasting going to be huge?
  • 14:55 What is the business model for podcasting? How is money being made?
  • 15:54 Can you attach visuals, videos, pictures to podcasts? What is RSS?
  • 18:00 How do you subscribe to podcasts? What does it cost? What kind of personal information do you have to give out?
  • 19:20 What was podcasting called before downloading mp3 files came along? What open standards are used in the podcasting community?
  • 21:45 What’s the difference between just an audio recording for a corporate meeting versus a corporate podcast?
  • 23:00 Can podcasts be used to transmit viruses?
  • 23:40 What kind of server-side software is required to send out podcasts? Use WordPress to produce blogs & podcasts.
  • 25:45 What kind of online software is available so that you can podcast for free? What process do you go through to publish your podcast? Use Bloggger to create the blog, Feedburner to make your RSS feed podcast-compatible, and Ourmedia.org to host your mp3 file at no charge.
  • 28:40 How do you find good podcasts? Visit PodcastAlley.com or Ipodder.org
  • 30:30 What other, newer technology is forseen to come out that might improve on the current mp3 technology? We talk about how the AAC3 format may allow chapters to be used within Podcasts.
  • 32:00 How big are the podcast files to download?
  • 33:00 Why is podcasting a great application for broadband and why will RoadRunner love it?
  • 33:45 How do you protect yourself against copyright violation? Go to creativecommons.org to get license information to decide how you can protect your content in varying degrees.
  • 36:35 How to properly tagging your mp3 files with AudioShell.
  • 37:20 How can government help podcasting?
  • 37:52 How can parents protect their teenagers from improper podcast content?
  • 38:35 How come podcasters are not getting sued for creating inappropriate content like Dawn and Drew?
  • 41:22 Review of townpodcast.com, a new business model for podcasting in local communities.
  • 44:05 What kind of locally relevant podcasts can be created for Townpodcast.com?
  • 44:54 How can you create or manage your own townpodcast.com franchise?
  • 46:20 How will TownPodcast.com create demographically targeted advertisements and podcasts?
  • 47:20 Can Neighborhood Board meetings be recorded and podcasted?
  • 48:34 What kind of equipment do you need to record podcasts?
  • 50:10 What’s the different between listening to streaming audio vs. podcasts?
  • 52:10 Practical advice for those intimidated by podcasting for the very first time.
  • 53:40 How blogs and podcast are integrated and people can leave comments about podcasts. We show VoteHawaii.com comments.
  • 54:50 Getting just a few votes on podcast alley cranks up the ratings for a given Podcast.
  • 54:41 What’s the ratio of blog readers to podcast listeners.
  • 56:54 Get involved with Hawaii Podcasters if you’re in Hawaii and want to know more about podcasting.
  • 57:00 More information if you’re interested in getting involved with TownPodcast.com

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    Podcasting- the ability to store steaming audio mp3 files

    Streaming audio-same thing only you can’t capture or store it?

    Help!!! and Thanks!!!

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