iPodder’s last breath: a new update

You just gotta love the guys at iPodder, makers of a great podcatcher (I use it and love it). They know they’re toast because iTunes is coming and of course MS can’t be too far behind (if not ahead???). So what are they doing? They’re goin’ out with style by delivering the lastest version 2.1 with a collection of cool features as posted by Podcasting News:

  • In response to user voting on the ipodder-dev mailinglist, one-click subscription support has been enabled
  • Ability to synch subscriptions to remote OPML files (works with feedmanagers like podnova)
  • Auto cleanup: Ability to specify on a per-feed basis that older episodes should be cleaned up.
  • Genre overriding in iTunes.
  • New right-click option for feeds: Open downloads folder
  • Right-click menus in the episodes and downloads tab link to show notes and hyperlinks found within RSS item description.

Way to go iPodder team! You guys rock! You should have made tons of money and been able to retire by now. I’m very sorry to report that you only got a few scraps in your cookie jar instead. I don’t think this is a good example of the Open Source model.

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  1. Brett says:

    I know it is a bit of a delayed response, but here are my two cents:

    As a computer tech, I loath anything to do with itoons (ok, iTunes), and refuse to install it on my personal machines for any reason at all. Besides the really hardcore podcast listeners, IT professionals and just general geeks, most likely will stick with iPodder or something along those lines. It is a much more stable app and does not attempt to take over everything. Not too mention I think it is alot less of a resource hog. While iTunes, will and has brought more of an audience to podcasting, I really do not think it wil be the death of iPodder and the like. I certainly hope not.

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