Can Web Sites Get Your Email Address?

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I recently got an email asking me if a Web site can automatically get your email address without you knowing. Great question. The answer is no, unless you specifically volunteer your email address, there is no easy way for a Web site to get that information. However there are lots of other things Web sites know about you, like the time of day you visited, the type of browser you used, and the web pages you viewed. Some advanced sites will know if you’re a return visitor and continuously gather tidbits of information you may leave from time to time. By stitching these bits together, a rich profile about you can be built. The best way to know how sites will treat your information is to read their privacy policy which describes what they will do with the information they obtain. By understanding this policy and keeping an awareness of the what you give out, you’ll have good idea of how your personal information is being used.

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