Video Games good for your health

Finally, there’s research that’s bringing out what gamers like me already know: Video games are not only way better than watching TV, but have many health benefits. I caught this cool article in GMSV with some things to think about:

“The people who play games are into technology, can handle more information, can synthesize more complex data, solve operational design problems, lead change and bring organizations through change,” says Chip Luman

hiring managers? maybe you want to find out if they play video games because:

research on managerial behavior that indicated gamers were better risk-takers, showed particular confidence in their abilities, placed a high value on relationships and employee input and thought in terms of “winning”‘ when pursuing objectives.

So now, you can quote this post when you need to justify to your family as to why it’s 3am and you’re still firing away. 🙂