T-Mobile makes Wi-Fi calling on Android official

Something people have been waiting for since the first T-Mobile, Android handset was launched is finally going to be available… Yes, Wi-Fi calling is hitting Android devices on T-Mobile. We have reached out to T-Mobile for clarification, as this doesn’t seem to be a normal UMA implementation (as rumored); it’s powered by a new application and we don’t think Wi-Fi to cellular handoffs will work. With that said, T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi calling capability is a great feature nonethenless, letting you make calls over a Wi-Fi signal when there is no cell service, and even making international calls abroad for free. The service will roll out on the new T-Mobile myTouch when the device is released later this year as well as support the Motorola DEFY. Full press release after the break!

I continue to be impressed on how Tmobile is innovating. I thought they were going to be out to lunch a while ago, but it’s good to see they are fighting for their market share.