Skype acquiring QIK. EVO 4G and other front-facing video mobile phone users cheer!

When I first bought my Sprint EVO 4G, I naturally assumed that Skype was going to use its front-facing video camera in Skype calls. Well at first I was completely wrong because Skype wasn’t available on the phone at all. But Qik was and it claimed to use the front-facing camera. And it did. But the quality and experience sucked so bad I tested it once and never again even came close to it.

Today, Skype works on my phone nicely but the video is still off. I’m hoping that Qik’s team can (1) Integrate their video chat software and (b) Skype can make it work as well as their existing video chat works. If that happens, my initial dream of a front-facing video Skype call will have finally become reality.