iPhone with Skype can now call Skype TVs

I’m jealous. There is Skype for my Evo 4G but it doesn’t do video. Meanwhile, the iPhone continues to get the early releases of the leading-edge Skype versions. If you’ve got an iPhone, enjoy! Android users, you’ll just have to keep waiting

A small, but interesting, update to Skype‘s iPhone app got pushed out today. Version 3.0.1 builds on the video calling capability that was added back in December by adding support for a wider range of Skype clients and devices, including Skype for TV.

If the idea of making a video call from some far-flung corner of the world back to a family TV sounds appealing to you, you’ll need a TV that specifically supports Skype. A number of Panasonic and Samsung sets will do the job, while a compatible webcam is required too. A list of supported kit is here.

While video calling to your TV may