Feeling left behind because you no more iPad? Android-Based Tablets Will Be More Popular

Munster foresees huge success for Apple in the tablet market, but he doesn’t think the iPad will keep the majority of tablet market share forever. The biggest threat? Android.

“Ultimately, we think that Apple won’t have the majority of the (tablet) market share. It’ll probably be with Android-based tablets.”

While Apple continues its walled-garden approach to building proprietary hardware, Google takes the open source route and creates a free operating system. What do you think the rest of the hardware world will embrace? Of course its Google.

Google’s genius is that their media-based model encourages FREE. Free content, free software, free services. This decimates their software competitors while swarming the hardware world with cheap, plentiful alternatives.

Bye bye Apple (well, Apple was really never a major player. They are a brilliant consumer electronics company). Bye Bye Microsoft (for consumer software).