Build your own Web command with YubNub

I just found out about an interesting new service YubNub that allows you to use and create “command line” stuff for the Web.

So for example, if you do Google image searches, you simply type in “gim flower” into YubNub and you’ll get it.

What’s neat-o about YubNub is that it’s a “social” command line which lets you create commands that get added to YubNub’s dictionary.

In fact, I created a command too:

Google has this neat feature where you can search for the definition of a word by searching for “define:word”. So, I created a YubNub command for it, “gdef”. So if you want a definition of say, podcasting, you type in “gdef podcasting” and voila!

I don’t know if this will catch on or if it’s just a Geek Toy. For now it’s a Geek toy to me.