Build your own iPhone or Android App

I’ve been evaluating these “mobile app builders” and will add this to my list of companies to try out. So far I’ve had mixed results. The services that seem to provide rich apps cost a lot and the ones that are cheap have crappy apps. You get what you pay for. However the fact is that this niche is booming and will continue to do so. Just like the early days of the Web required deep techies to build a rudimentary web site, today’s mobile apps are expensive and complicated. But this will go away very soon as the mobile market continues to explode and the demand for mobile apps skyrockets


Forget Android, iOS and the rest of the mobile operating systems.

Sometimes you don’t need to spend weeks building the sleekest mobile apps for native environments. And depending on your business, something a little bit more quick and simple can do the job just fine. That’s the theory behind Widgetbox Mobile, a new offering from the team behind ClickTurn ads, which aims to help businesses build mobile web apps in minutes.