A MUST download for Android: Swype beta is open now. Do it!

When I first bought my Sprint EVO 4G, I was lucky to find out about the Swype limited beta. I installed it and I have been swyping ever since. This is simply a superior way of using a touch-screen keyboard. It absolutely rocks and is also a really cool way to show superiority over your iPhone friends who probably don’t have this. It’s a must-install. Do it now.

swypelogo150150.jpgOh, the war of words between iPhone and Android fans. How it has preoccupied us this year. I won’t take sides now. I own both. (Don’t judge.) But I will say this: if you’re an Android user, you might want to go now and join Swype’s beta. And prepare to have something amazing in your arsenal when you boast about the superiority of the Android phone.

Swype is an alternative text input method designed to make “typing” on the Android a lot easier. Rather than pressing on the touchscreen, you slide your finger over the keyboard to spell out words. You needn’t do this with a great deal of precision, as the predictive design determines what word you’re trying to write. Swype uses other gestures to add capitalization and punctuation – and arguably this part is far harder to master than the speed-swyping.