Quick thought on Executive Summaries

Many Exec Summs I read are either too long or too wordy. Here’s some bullets/thoughts to keep in mind when writing yours:

  • Its purpose is to give the investor enough to see if they are interested.
  • It’s not to give in-depth info, that’s what the pitch/slides/businessPlan is for.
  • In many ways, you want to give enough to get them interested, enough for them to say “hey, lets look more into this”.
  • Investors are pretty smart and they can go through something really quickly and know whether they are interested or not.
  • The ES’ purpose is to state the plan in a quick and easy-to-digest way so they don’t have to think or move around it to get what they need to know.
  • LESS is ALWAYS better. Why? Because it forces you to only keep what’s absolutely necessary, allowing the reader/investor to cut through the fat and get to the meat in the quickest way.