4G really helped me and my cli…

4G really helped me and my client out today. Here’s how. http://post.ly/185PN

Your Android can now go corporate

I just installed this on my phone and activated on my Google Apps installation. Works like a charm. The only thing I activated was “remote wipe” and I feel a lot better knowing I can pull the trigger. The software on the phone side installed without a hitch. The whole process took less than 10 minutes. DO IT!

Many Android devices feature tight integration with Google Apps, including native applications for Gmail, Google Talk, and Google Calendar, as well as mobile access to Google Docs. Now any employee with an Android device running version 2.2 – personal or company-issued – can access their corporate information while allowing administrators to enforce data security policies such as:

  • Remotely wipe all data from lost or stolen mobile devices
  • Lock idle devices after a period of inactivity
  • Require a device password on each phone
  • Set minimum lengths for more secure passwords
  • Require passwords to include letters and numbers

When the employee leaves the company, the administrator can withdraw access to corporate info, which allows the employee to continue to use their device if it’s their own

These policies can be enforced on devices that have installed the Google Apps Device Policy application, which will be available from Android Market in the next few days. They will be available free to all

Your Android can now go corpor…

Your Android can now go corporate http://post.ly/184rL

Android going Corporate http:/…

Android going Corporate http://post.ly/17utb

Android going Corporate

Google is dead-set serious about making inroads to corporate America and this latest feature on Google Apps adds strong corporate functionality like remote wipe, manage passwords, and lock devices.

Google on Thursday said that it has launched new admin controls to manage Android through Google Apps and a browser without dedicated servers.

The news comes as Android starts making its big corporate push. If 2010 was the year Android for consumers, 2011 will be all about Android in the enterprise. Motorola is already working to take its Droid Pro corporate.

With its new features, enterprises will be able to securely manage and sync Android devices. Google Apps now covers all the major mobile platforms.

In a nutshell, any employee with an Android 2.2 device can allow administrators to remotely wipe

If you’re drooling over the new MacBook Air…

One of my customers was jumping up and down to get the newest MacBook Air. Here’s how it stacks up

The 2010 MacBook Air models offer impressive improvements in both design and in performance when compared to previous MacBook Airs. But with just 2GB of RAM and the slowest Intel Core 2 Duo processors in the entire Mac lineup, we were interested in putting some of the build-to-order options to the test.

If you’re drooling over the ne…

If you’re drooling over the new MacBook Air… http://post.ly/17upo

Wait until November 9th before you buy that Android phone

Rumor: Samsung will announce the Nexus Two on November 8th

If you were thinking about buying an Android phone in the next two weeks, please stop what you are doing and read this post. Something big is coming and I think you will want to know the full details before you get tied up in another 2-year contract with your carrier. The rumor, the source, and one Android Insider’s take on the goods after the jump.

Wait until November 9th before…

Wait until November 9th before you buy that Android phone http://post.ly/17ukT

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